Sep 28th New Payment Gateway For CoffeeCup Users

As part of CoffeeCup's continuing security improvement and enhancements, CoffeeCup has teamed up with Stripe to provide a fully PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.This means you can now pay your CoffeeCup invoices online using credit cards, secure in the knowledge that your information does NOT pass through CoffeeCup servers but rather is ... Read More »

Aug 3rd Warning - Domain Register Pty Ltd Scam

The CoffeeCup Hosting team would like to make members aware of a company that goes by the name of Domain Register Pty Ltd (ABN: 127506807) and a practice that they are partaking in which we believe is misleading to some of our members. This group seems to have harvested the postal address information of several domain owners and has been sending ... Read More »

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